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Full Body Armor Suit

Full Body Armor Suit

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Safety Armor/ Riot Gear/ Full Body Armor 

Outer Material:
High density Polyethylene fire resistant cloth and NYLON plastic parts.
Inner Material:
Laminating EVA type covering all the interior parts and breathable mesh lining.
The gear should be flexible for easy wear and remove for agility and mobility.
Anti riot parts:
Neck protector,body protector,shoulder protector,elbow protector,thin protector,grion protector,leg protector,gloves,carrying bag.
Resistance Capability:
The Body able to withstand extreme condition. The resistance capability for body is up to 3000N/5cm2, the buckle is up to 200N and joints are up to 300N.
Anti Stab Resistance:
Able to withstand dagger stabbing to any point of the chest, back and groin. Under 2000N static pressure for 1 minute ( >= 20J. able to absorb more than 75% hit and protection for more than 35J stab energy )
Anti Impact Resistance:
Able to withstand continuous direct hit using 5.8kg steel ball to chest and arms from a distance of 220cm ( >=120J )
Temperature Test:
The material use and able to withstand extreme temperature. Withstand 4 hours of extreme temperature between -20° and 550° with humidity of 95%.
Burning Resistance:
Both outer layer and inner layer are able to resist burning. Outer layer burning resistance up to 5 seconds and the inner layer burning resistance is up to 1 minute.
Height of 165cm to 190cm
About 7.5 KG





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