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Multi-Function Axe-Shovel-Spear Kit

Multi-Function Axe-Shovel-Spear Kit

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76cm Multi-function Folding Shovel Outdoor Survival Garden Spade Axe Camping Snow Fold Tactical Shovel Car Emergency Kit


Material:Manganese Steel(Shovel Head) and Aluminum Alloy Steel(Shovel Handle)
The function of the shovel: shovel head, rod, compass plug, saw blade, knife, fork, attack cone.
Combination of multifunctional accessories: Western food multifunctional fork, multifunctional knife, attack cone, whistle,silicone ring.
Best use: camping, hiking, autonomous driving equipment, cycling camping, emergency tools


1. Multifunctional flashlight: retractable design, there are three lighting methods (flashlight, used for walking at night, illuminating the road, zooming; camping light, night camping can be used to illuminate, prevent safety; warning light, red light can be emitted Danger signal, used to prevent danger and used for rescue.)
2. The shovel head, the foldable conversion method has different purposes; for example: excavation, sawing, cutting, field defense. The shovel head is detachable and can be converted into an axe or pickaxe, which can be used for felling, chiseling, fixing, cutting vegetation or rope, etc. It is designed and produced for outdoor camping enthusiasts.
3. The shovel handle, innovative and compact knurling process, is more comfortable to hold and enhances the hand feeling.
The unique combination of disassembly and assembly can be safely converted and used in different forms to protect safety.
4.Multifunctional Tactical axe (axe + tail sickle)
Multifunctional Tactical Pickaxe (Sawtooth Pickaxe + Tail Sickle)
5.The first built-in handle attack cone can easily break the window, and can also be used for self-defense.

Package Include:

TD14-S 13pcs Kits Option:
1*Flashlight (Not include battery)
1*Shovel Head
1*Connection Rod
2*Extension rod
1*Multifunctional knife
1*Multifunctional fork
1*Food knife
1*Escape hammer head
1*Luminous silicone ring
1*Multifunctional Axe (TD14-F45S Option)
1*Multifunctional Hoe(TD14-F45S Option)

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